We specialize in products for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy. We are experts in high voltage products such as transformers, aluminum and ACSR conductors, transmission towers, steel cables, connectors, terminals, pre-formed products, utility pole hardware, isolators, substation equipment, reconnectors (reclosers), circuit breakers, live-wire tools, battery banks, breaker panels, measurement instruments, photo controls, etc.


We offer a wide range of high quality products for telephone switching, data transmission, external plants, pressurization equipment, telephone cables, electrical and telecomunications tape, stainless steel belts and buckles, protective and dispersion casing, carrier wave equipment, conduit tubing, microwaves, antennas and transmission lines, connectors, transformers and capacitors, telephone pole hardware, cold-galvanized composites, generators for 48VDC, breaker panels and cranes, as well as hundreds of tools and electronic components.


Electronic Engineering meets the needs of Costa Rican radio amateurs and the radiocommunications industry. We offer the best TX-RX transceptors, multiplex networks, antennas, towers, duplexors and power supplies in the national market.


Electronic Engineering has a market presence with a wide range of electronic measurement equipment, such as multimeters, amperimeters, osciloscopes, process callibrators and resistance meters by companies such as FLUKE, AEMC and ESCORT, which are world-renowned for the support and quality of their products. We also offer you the best solutions for implmentation of productive processes in your business.


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